• Table Easy Bridge

    Table Easy Bridge

    This large coffee table can be used when eating, drinking, or engaging in other activities while in bed or sitting on a chair. It can be placed over a bed or a chair and is equipped with four swivel wheels, two of which have brakes.
    cod. AQ-63
  • Folding rails

    Folding rails

    Folding rails, applicable to the headboard and footboard of beds through the galvanized steel hooks, complete with sealing spring and covered in soft PVC. Chromed steel tube. Weight: 13 kg per pair. Compatible with Intermed LT-101P and LT-102P beds.
    cod. AQ-13
  • CPAP cushion - Fluffy

    CPAP cushion - Fluffy

    Polyurethane cushion for NIV - Non Invasive Ventilation. The soft surface adapts to the head natural shape thanks to the polyurethane foam padding and to the the 100% natural cotton covering. It is possible to sleep both supine and on your side with every kind of mask: rhinal, facial or nasal-p
    cod. MPR 158
  • Anatomic cervical support pillow

    Anatomic cervical support pillow

    Cervical pillow made of visco elastic foam, covered with 100% cotton lining. The specific anatomic shape and the padding viscosity soothe the pressure areas and improves transpiration, ensuring comfort when sleeping and relaxing. Size: 70 x 42 cm.
    cod. CA-74
  • Universal adjustable bed rail

    Universal adjustable bed rail

    Chrome-plated steel universal bed rail, can be adapted to every bed type. The possibility to adjust its height ensures a great safety to the user.
    cod. AQ-12
  • Height adjustable tilt-top overbed table

    Height adjustable tilt-top overbed table

    Carriage overbed table with wooden tilt height adjustable surface. Metallic frame with four casters, two of them with locking system.
    cod. AQ-60N
  • Single bed rail with adjustable legs

    Single bed rail with height adjustable legs, tubes are coated with epoxy powder paint. Provided with rubber protections.
    cod. AQ-11
  • Painted steel cushion lifter

    Painted steel cushion lifter

    Cushion lifter with painted steel frame, adjustable in five different positions: Breathable nylon cover with padded headrest Base dimensions: 50 x 57 cm Height: from 30.5 to 45 cm Weight: 3 kg Weight capacity: 114 kg
    cod. AQ-20N
  • Steel blanket support

    Steel blanket support

    The blanket lifter is a device composed of a rigid base with two interlocking steel tubes. It is used as an accessory for beds to prevent the weight of blankets or sheets from resting on the patient's body. The device is characterized by a metal frame that is placed between the bedridden
    cod. AQ-120
  • Height adjustable tilt-top overbed table

    Height adjustable tilt-top overbed table

    Coffee table with foldable steel structure: Four swivel wheels, two of which with a braking system. Tiltable tabletop with eight different positions, adjustable in height. Edges of the tiltable tabletop made of plastic material. Fully assembled device.
    cod. AQ-62
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