• cod. CA-060-6060
  • cod. CA-096F
  • cod. CA-096
  • cod. CA-050
  • cod. CA-045
  • cod. CA-035
  • cod. CA-023
  • Air release self-moulding cushion

    Air release self-moulding cushion

    Liquid gel cushion to prevent bedsores made of viscoelastic hollow fiber, covered by a waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane shell. Provided with air release system adusted by a valve placed on the front: it opens when the patient is seated and it allows a perfect adherence to his body. Doing s
    cod. CA19X
  • Three sections cushion

    Three sections cushion

    Cushions to prevent bedsores made of 300 g/m2 hollow silicone fiber, covered by a non-shrink 100% cotton upholstery. Provided with fixing velcro straps. High resistant and transpiring, they allow to efficiently prevent bedsores. available in five different models, in blue.
    cod. CA-100
  • Viscoelastic cushion
with separated capacity - Iskio-Bi

    Viscoelastic cushion with separated capacity - Iskio-Bi

    Iskio Visco cushion is made of viscoelastic 80 kg/m3 memory foam with 37 kg/m3 high resilience insert that acts like a containment shell and facilitates a better posture. Thanks to its features, the cushion allows an optimal pressure balance, the foam insert covers completely the ischium and th
    cod. ISKIO BI
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