Nellcor palm type Pulse Oximeter

cod. PM10-N

Nellcor palm type Pulse Oximeter
Lightweight and ergonomic handheld monitor, for continuous and spot-check SpO2 and heart rate monitoring. 3’’ LCD display, with real-time SpO2 and heart rate values indication; values alarm, plethysmographic waveform, plethysmographic bar and trend data. It is possible to select standard and home-care modes for use in hospital, hospital-type facilities, transport, mobile environments and home-care environments. Supports Sleep Study Mode, which enables the clinician to dim the LCD display and silence alarms to prevent disruption of patients’ sleep. Nellcor advanced signal processing technology guarantees reliable operations even in difficult monitoring conditions (like low perfusion level or signal interference, including patient’s movements). Additional information: LoSat expanded accuracy range (60%-100% SpO2) when used with Nellcor adhesive sensors with OxiMax technology Compatible with the complete line of Nellcor single-patient-use, reusable and specialty sensors with OxiMax technology 80 hours data storage capability Supports data export to an external personal computer for data analysis and printing functions Italian language functions menu
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cod. PO2
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