12-leads digital interpretive 3 channels ECG

cod. iE300

12-leads digital interpretive
3 channels ECG
iE 300 is a new generation interpretive electrocardiograph, able to acquire, print and archive ECG examinations both for adults and children. The iE 300 model has the best price-quality relationship, the best compromise as regards reliability, performance and money-saving. Lightweight, compact and easy to use, it is provided with all the analytical features of a modern ECG. The LCD 5’’ colours display shows the 12 leads of the ECG data management. The configuration shortcut and the correct application of electrodes allow a qualitative examination. Thanks to the different types of reports, it is possible to obtain ECG data results with or without the automatic interpretation. It is also provided with the ECG Biocare CardioPro analysis software, in compliance with the rigid evaluation standards of CSE database, to ensure a high accuracy and reliability both in measurement and during interpretation of ECG data results (sensitivity, detection peculiarity and QRS analysis at 99%). The exclusive analysis module for children or pediatric patients, with the 250 Hz low-pass filter, fulfills the last standars: AHA/ACC/HRS 2007. Analysis applies the last Minnesota codes. Sampling method up to 300 seconds of heart rate, to evaluate the presence of possible arrhythmias. Software provided with digital filters or self-adapting filters, to eliminate artificial results without ECG and ST segment data distortion. Memory function up to 1.500 ECG data results and patient’s data. Thermosensitive 80 mm paper, available in rolls. Peripheral ports: 2 USB, LAN port, for data transfer and software update. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for 3 hour continuous work. Onscreen operation guide to check the ECG procedure. Voice reminder and visual alarming for lead-off, low battery and no paper.
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